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With over 25 years experience in acting for parents ranging from allegations of relatively minor harm to those who have been falsely accused of causing serious injuries. Making sure we get the right outcome for you and everyone concerned.

If you receive any Pre-Proceedings letter or Court appearance application – it is essential you contact us at Bradford Family Law urgently, we will advise you and ensure that you recieve expert advice and legal aid.

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We inderstand that contacting a family law solicitor can be daunting, but we will put you at ease and get on with helping you.

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You must ring for urgent advice if your child, grandchild or family member has been taken into care by you signing a section 20 accommodation agreement or if social services are threatening to take them into care then you should seek legal advice urgently – you should always seek an immediate second opinion as to what action a Social Worker is proposing to take in respect of your child

Clare McCourt • Senior Partner, Bradford Family Law


If Social Services have contacted you about your children please give us a call on 01274 925521 for free advice.  We offer free legal aid in these matters.

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Ak vás sociálne služby kontaktovali v súvislosti s vašimi deťmi, zavolajte nám na číslo 01274 925521 a požiadajte o bezplatné poradenstvo.  V týchto veciach ponúkame bezplatnú právnu pomoc.

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اگر سوشل سروسز نے آپ کے بچوں کے بارے میں آپ سے رابطہ کیا ہے تو براہ کرم ہمیں مفت مشورہ کے لئے 925521 01274 پر کال کریں۔  ہم ان معاملات میں مفت قانونی مدد پیش کرتے ہیں.

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We work as a single united team with years of expertise and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

With over 25 years experience in Child Care Law in Bradford, Clare is now the “Go To” solicitor in this field. She understands how stressful and emotional such family proceedings can be which is why she prides herself on a friendly, sympathetic and professional approach.